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What is a Personal Statement?

A personal statement is a crucial aspect of your university application where you explain why you have chosen a particular university. You are also required to justify the competencies, skills, and experiences that set you apart from other applicants. Personal statements are even more critical if you apply to a highly competitive course or institution. In such cases, the admissions board might use the personal statement to sort candidates with similar grades.

You could have the most compelling experiences but have problems sharing them with the world. As the best admission essay help service in the industry, we know too well the challenges that students are likely to face as they try to craft their personal statements. Recently, we asked our best personal statement writers to share their views on what goes into making an outstanding personal statement. Below are some tips when writing your personal statement.

  1. Carefully Plan Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement is far too important to approach it haphazardly. It can make a difference between getting into your dream course or being rejected. Therefore, you need to be deliberate about writing it. One of our personal statement writers recommends that you carefully read the information the institution requires from you. Also, it is important to research the course at length. This ensures you can articulate succinctly why you need to get into the program.

Also, feel free to explore how the course fits your skill set, your future aspirations with the course, and the traits that make you unique. As part of planning your personal statement, also remember to set a timeline by which you will have your first draft. Having timelines encourages you to start the writing process even when you do not think you are ready. A common rabbit hole is to wait until you have figured everything out before you start writing. This idealistic approach might prevent you from taking the small steps that will ultimately lead to a killer personal statement. A personal statement help service can help you be clear on your plan, skillset, and the traits that make you stand out. Our admissions essay help service is designed to fit your needs and get the attention of the admissions board.

  1. Pay Attention to How You Use Language

The way we use language paints a picture of our thought patterns. Our leading personal statement writer encourages students to use an enthusiastic and positive tone that demonstrates a willingness to learn. The language of the personal statement should also be conversational to carry the reader with it. Your challenge as the applicant is to help the admissions officer understand your passion for the program or course. Making use of engaging opening paragraphs is likely to keep the reader interested in your admissions essay. If you are struggling with crafting engaging opening to paragraphs, our personal statement help service can walk the journey with you.

Another tip to nail it with the language is to use short sentences and avoid using generic terms. Short sentences are easier to read and comprehend. As the admissions reviewer will have thousands of application essays to review, they are more likely to read something that is easy to follow. Being specific as to the details of the course is more eye-catching than being generic. Thus, talk specifically about the course and then link it with your skillset and competence. An admissions essay help service like ours can assist you to use short succinct sentences and highlights the details specific to the course

  1. Your Content Should Be Nothing but Stellar

A personal statement is your rare chance to show the admissions board that the course you are applying is where you belong. So, be deliberate with revealing all the necessary details that are likely to work in your favor. An excellent place to start is highlighting any relevant studies, projects, dissertation, or work experience that makes you the perfect candidate for the course. Draw a close connection between your personal experience and the course you are applying. A personal statement writer can help you connect your experience with the course requirements if you are having problems seeing the connection.

The content should also be well supported with evidence. The admission essay can build or break your credibility. As such, remember to offer examples and evidence of any claims you make. For example, if you claim that your research skills are well developed, offer evidence of articles you have written or research you have conducted or been involved. Backing up your claims signals to the admissions board about your integrity. The interesting thing with us human beings is that we sometimes can’t remember some details or evidence. An admissions essay writing service like ours can help you connect the dots of your life experience and find some evidence and examples.

  1. Tell a Compelling Story

A fresh, lively, and different story will make you memorable and might secure you a slot in the program. You do not want to bore the admissions committee with abstract details and a chronology of your achievements. The applicant who gains the committee’s attention is the one who can weave their life experiences into a compelling and engaging story. Storytelling is an art that few can master. If you feel you need help telling your story, feel free to reach out to a friend or family who have gone through the application process. A professional like a personal statement writer can also give you a hand and help you sell your story to the admissions board.

The admissions board needs to see you for you. That includes your skills, interests, thought patterns and competencies told through your voice. Our top personal statement writer reminds students that a personal statement should be personal to them. This means letting your inner voice run wild.

  1. Let Your Passion Shine

It is not hard to identify someone who is passionate about what they do. Their energy, commitment, and drive are hard to miss. Although demonstrating your passion through writing can be hard, this should not discourage you. Talk at length about your motivation for joining the program. This could be due to your career prospects, a childhood event that changed your view of the world, or the desire to alleviate a particular human suffering. Whichever your motivation, do not shy from demonstrating it with examples. This is also a good time to go into the details about any research you have performed on the subject.

If letting your passion shine through writing is not your thing, you should not give up on your dreams. Our college application essay help service will work with you to help inject the level of intensity that will be hard for the admissions board to ignore. Place a write my essay order, and we will be sure to start on assignment as soon as possible.

  1. Don’t Waste the Reviewer’s Time

The reviewers of your essay have a limited time to go through each application. So please, make their work easier. A simple rule is not to write more than it is required. Instead, make your essay on point. Organize your paragraphs around ideas instead of making your essay one block of messy text. Also, it is unwise to repeat ideas on different places in the text. This wastes time and might affect your admission chances.

Whether you are struggling with keeping the application essay within the word limit or you are having challenges organizing your paragraphs, it is not worth missing the course of your dreams. Our personal statement help service will be ensure you nail your essay, so you don’t waste the reviewer’s time.

  1. Customize Each Essay to the Specific Course/Institution

Although it can be tempting to send the same admission essay to different universities, this strategy is likely to be ineffective. Each program or institution is different in terms of the information they are seeking and the structure of the admission essay. Hence, always tailor your essay to the course or university you are applying to. Your experiences and skills might be the same, but how you highlight them will differ from one institution to the next.

This does not mean you should trash the last admission essay you sent. Sometimes, you might be short on time and cannot start writing from scratch. In such cases, our talented personal statement writers can help you to retool the current admission essay to meet the needs of the new course. We will draw attention to the skills and experiences which make you the ideal candidate for the course you are currently applying.

  1. Sign Off Like a Pro

Coming up with a catchy closing line can be as challenging as crafting a compelling introduction. Our personal statement writer encourages students to aim for a bold and memorable conclusion. The conclusion should leave no doubt in the reviewer’s mind that no other person is better suited for the course like you are. So, in this place, remember to combine all your key points. Also, succinctly answer why you should get a slot in the university you are applying for.

Remember to proofread your entire essay to ensure it flows. It is also not unusual to have different versions of the conclusions. If you are stranded on which version to go with, you can enlist one of our personal essay coaches, and they will work with you to ensure you land something that sticks with the admissions board.

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