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Are you looking for help with resume writing from experts? You have come to the right place. is a one-stop solution for resume writing help and other academic writing services. We have a huge team of professional resume writers whom you can pay to right your resume and curriculum vitae (CV).

We are not new to offering resume writing services. has more than a decade experience helping job seekers draft professional resumes. Our resume writers know what human resource managers are looking for in a resume. Any writer we will assign your resume writing assignment will write a professional resume that will increase your chances of getting invited to attend job interviews and getting hired.

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Common Challenges Professionals face when Writing Resumes

Resume writing services

Challenges when writing a resume

If you are trying to write your resume from scratch or update it, you have probably experienced a lot of challenges – whether it’s gaps in employment or lack of field experience. Facing those challenges does not mean you are not qualified for a job opportunity. You need to find ways to explain those gaps to potential employers. In this section, we are going to highlight some of the common problems people face when writing their CVs and how you to navigate these challenges more skillfully:

Gaps on the resume

It’s natural if you have gaps in employment when writing your resume. Even the most serious recruiters understand that many people go through periods of unemployment. Unfortunately, failing to explain any gaps in employment can lead to suspicion with potential employers. Whether you were doing a personal project or went for vacation, you need to explain that in your resume.

Resume is too long

If your resume is too long, you need to shorten it to attract the attention of recruiters. A short resume is enough to sell yourself without boring the human resource managers. You can decide to condense the older roles to create more rooms for the most recent roles you did. Also, check your formatting to make sure you are not wasting any space.

Lack of direct work experience

This is another problem people face when writing their resumes. For instance, if you are a recent graduate, you may lack direct experience most recruiters are looking for in an ideal candidate. To compensate for this, you need to highlight transferable skills from other areas of your experience. For instance, you can highlight experiences from class projects, personal projects or voluntary work that you did.

Lots of short roles

It’s common to have short roles in your resume. Unfortunately, those short roles can turn off recruiters if they are not drawn out well. Some hiring managers may assume that you were replaced or fired. To avoid that assumption, you need to explain what the role was all about and what you achieved at the end of it.

You want to change career

If you want to change a career, it’s difficult to write a resume that impressers your target recruiters. This is because you won’t have any experience for the new job opportunity. Fortunately, you can create a resume that sells you out even if you don’t have relevant experience. The rule of the thump is to make some form of commitment to your career when writing your resume.

As you can see, writing a resume with all those challenges is not a straightforward task. If you are already overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, don’t panic. Let our experts offer you resume writing help. Our writers will review your past roles and draft a resume that attracts potential recruiters whether you are looking for a promotion or want to change your career.

Types Of Resumes That We Write

There are seven different types of resumes that our professional resume writers can help you write. They include:

  1. Chronological Resume

A chronological resume also known as reverse chronological resume is a type of resume that list an applicant’s employment history starting with the most recent or ongoing work and then lists the previous work history chronologically. A chronological resume works best for job seekers with gaps in employment, professionals with a solid work history and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

  1. Functional Resume

A skills-based resume also known as a functional resume focuses on the applicant’s job skills and experience rather than dwelling on the applicant’s employment history. The resume may also include a headline and summary of the skills and achievements at the top of the resume. A functional resume works best for professionals who want to change careers and job seekers with employment gaps

  1. Combination Resume

As the name suggests, a combined resume combines both the attributes of the functional resume and a chronological resume. The top of the resume includes relevant qualifications and skills for the job opportunity you are applying while the bottom part include the work history in the chronological order. A combination resume works best for professionals who want to change careers and job seekers with relevant skills and experience as well as gaps in employment.

  1. Infographic Resume

Also known as a networking resume, an infographic resume uses graphics and images to explain the skills and experience instead of plain text. It incorporates various design elements such as layout, formatting, color, fonts, icons and charts for aesthetic purpose. An infographic resume works best for design related professionals.

  1. Mini Resume

A mini resume is basically a resume that highlight s summary of the applicant’s career history and qualifications. This is s straightforward, one-page resume that provide a little bit more information compared to a business card. A mini resume works best for in-person networking events.

  1. Profile Resume

A profile resume uses a professional summary what is commonly known as a resume profile rather than an objective statement. The resume highlights a summary of your skills, experience and goals at the top of the resume. It works best for job seekers with less or no work experience or professionals with extensive work experience.

As you can see, our professional resume writer can write any type of resume that’s giving you sleepless nights. To get resume writing help from our experts, simply tell us the type of resume you want to write and leave everything to us.

Why Hire For Help With Resume Writing?

There are several websites and individuals who claim to offer professional resume writing help online. Unfortunately, not all websites that claim to offer help with resume writing are reliable. Some websites don’t deliver on what they promise. The good news however is that is a reliable and reputable company that delivers on what it promises. Below are some of the reasons we keep getting returning clients:

  • 200 plus professional resume writers: We have a huge team of professional resume writers who understands what recruiters especially the human resource managers are looking for in a resume.
  • Experience in offering resume writing help: Our professional resume writers have several years of experience in providing help with resume writing.
  • Success rate: Professional resumes that we deliver to our clients have a higher success rate. You will have at least 85% chances of getting invited to attend a job interview and 75% of getting hired.
  • Affordable services: At, we offer affordable resume writing services because we understand that many job seekers are on a budget. Besides charging competitive prices, we also have regular discounts for returning and loyal clients.
  • Quick turnaround time: If you want your resume written within the same day, don’t hesitate to seek help with resume writing here. We deliver quality resumes within the deadline set by our clients.
  • Quick ordering system: You don’t have to struggle to get resume writing help from our writers. All you need is to provide us with the details of your resume writing assignment and wait for our experts to turn in an error-free resume.
  • 24/7 service: Our support team is available around the clock to offer you any help that you might need before, during and after our services.

How Our Resume Writing Services Works

Step 1: Submit your details of your resume writing assignment by filling in the order form. Make sure to provide a brief work history and the jobs you are applying for. You can attach a sample resume that you have written yourself to provide us with a glimpse of your work history, skills and experience.

Step 2: Make payments through the PayPal method. We accept PayPal payments because PayPal is a secure and safe payment gateway. If you want to pay for your resume writing help order through other payment gateways, contact our support team.

Step 3: Wait for our experts to write your resume. We will assign your thesis writing order to the most suitable writer working for us here at The writer will write a professional resume and deliver it to you within the deadline you set.

Step 4: Download and review your resume. We will send you an email notifying you that your resume is ready for download and review. You will need to login into your account to download and review the resume. If you want it to be revised, request a free revision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Resume Writing Services Online

Resume Writing service

Frequently used questions about our resume writing services online.

Do you write CVs and cover letters too?

Yes. Our resume writing help also includes CV and cover letter writing services. If you want to order a cover letters and CVs too, the process is almost the same.

What’s the cost of your help with resume writing?

The cost of our resume writing services varies depending on the length of the resume (number of pages) and deadline in which you want the resume submitted. Check our online calculator or contact our support team for more information about the cost of our services.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Our resume writing help accepts PayPal payments because it’s the most secure payment gateways. If you want to utilize other payment gateways, contact our support team.

How soon do you deliver resumes?

We deliver our custom-written resume before the deadline you set elapses. For instance, if you want your resume delivered within the same day, our professional resume writers will honor your deadline.

Do you offer money back guarantee?

Yes. If we fail to deliver on our promises i.e. deliver your resume late, we will offer you a full refund. Please check our refund policy page for more information about our money back guarantee policy.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the resume delivered to you and want some amendments, don’t hesitate to send the resume back for revision. We will revise your resume as per your instructions without wasting time. Also keep in mind that we don’t charge any extra money on revisions.

Is a legit resume writing service?

Definitely. This is the most legit and reputable resume writing service you can ever work with since we live up to our promises. Some of the things that makes us legit include several positive reviews from verified customers, a secure website, unmatched customer service and multiple guarantees that we promise to honor.

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