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Motherhood — the state of cleaning, entertaining, feeding, sleeping, and repeating.  My childhood consisted of me being a second mother to my younger siblings since my parents worked multiple jobs after we immigrated to the United States. Being a caregiver meant I learned to multitask, be attentive to details, and be calm amid chaos. Having honed these skills, it helped me thrive during my clerkships in the busy and seemingly chaotic environment of internal medicine. Between extensive communication and coordination of care with information influx from nurses, specialists, and patients and their families, I found it exhilarating to be part of a team working to ensure the patient had the best comprehensive care. I enjoy the flexibility and variability of internal medicine where I can choose to either specialize or practice general medicine managing a variety of pathologies.

My interest in internal medicine stems from its breadth of knowledge as well as the complexity and acuity of cases. A hospitalist manages patients’ exacerbations of chronic diseases, and it is mentally stimulating to create a treatment plan that effectively addresses all the presenting problems to return patients back to their baseline. From being independent for most of my life to now becoming the first physician in my family, I have continually cultivated my decision-making and critical thinking skills. During one patient encounter, after reviewing the patient’s chart and medication list, I suggested to my attending physician that the etiology of the patient’s respiratory failure might not be due to her COPD but instead due to an accidental benzodiazepine overdose in conjunction with her chronic alcohol usage. This experience highlighted for me the extent of my attentiveness to detail and development of my diagnostic abilities, which further stimulated my desire for continued self-improvement and ascertainment of knowledge to evaluate a variety of complex presentations.

My passion is also to reduce health care disparities, especially in the non-native English-speaking patients. As a medical interpreter and a child of immigrant parents, I witnessed the difficulties of caring for patients who do not speak English natively, especially if an interpreter was not readily available. Being bilingual myself, I hope to be able to better relate to non-native English-speaking patients and refer them to resources in the community that can aid them, just like the aid my family received years ago. Being in a community residency program would further expose me to this patient demographic so that I can utilize the skills and knowledge I have acquired to treat them while also accounting for different cultural views and norms of healthcare practices.

As a resident physician, I hope my experience caring for my siblings and the skills I have worked to develop will comfort my patients and build a clinical alliance based on trust. I aspire to bring my work ethic to a residency program that will allow me the autonomy to showcase my strengths and reform my weaknesses. I hope to learn from a diverse group of attendings to incorporate all their perspectives to develop my own style of practicing medicine. I also aim to be in a program that is focused on helping me improve my medical knowledge and clinical skills through scheduled didactics, simulations, and other educational sessions. In addition, I have an interest in potentially pursuing a pulmonary critical care fellowship to then practice in and give back to the Dayton community that has given me an environment to learn and grow in since my immigration to the United States.

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