MBA 5910 Week 1 Quiz

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Week 1 Reading Quiz

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  1. What do you believe will be the biggest technological breakthrough in automobile industry over
    the next 10 years? Why?
  2. In relation to the product itself, the automobile, what do you believe will be the most profitable
    product improvement opportunity in the next 10 years? Why?
  3. What do you believe will be the costliest change in government regulation to impact the industry
    in the future?
  4. How would you describe the automobile industry – as a fragmented industry that will consolidate,
    an emerging industry, a mature industry, or a declining industry? Why?
  5. What will be the greater source of future competitive pressure, the existing automobile
    companies, or new entries into the industry? Why?
  6. Citing evidence from the 10K readings, how would you characterize the existing degree of rivalry
    within the automotive industry?
  7. Between the automobile companies and the suppliers, who do you believe has the most leverage
    or power in the automobile industry? Why?
  8. Is the automobile industry susceptible to threats of substitution? Why or why not?
  9. Do the buyers have much power in the automotive industry? If no, why — or if so, how?
  10. Do you believe the greatest change in the next 10 years will take place in the product, the supply
    chain (production), or the human element (management) of the automobile industry? Why?

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