MBA 5200 Week 1 Post

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Once you have reviewed the resource material, write a discussion post with your response to one of the questions below.   After you have completed your initial post, respond to a posting or response from one of your peers.

To earn full credit:

  1. Pick one of the three questions below to post your response (please do not answer more than one question). In your response, label which question you chose to answer.
  2. This response should be posted by Thursday night by 11:59 PM.
  3. Before Sunday at 11:59 PM you need to post a meaningful response to another student’s posting or comment.
  4. A thoughtful initial posting and a meaningful response indicates that you read the material about the case for the week and that you are moving the conversation forward.  You can start with the phrase “that is a good comment” but this must be followed by something more substantial.  Your initial posting and comment should be at least a three to four sentence paragraph in length (you can always go longer – just not shorter).


Discussion Question 1 – Using what you learned in previous courses and from reading the Business Summary document — what do you believe is Chipotle Mexican Grills competitive advantage?

Discussion Question 2 – Using the Financial Statements document you can see that the total book value of Chipotle Mexican Grill stockholder’s equity was $1,683,026,000 or $60.67 per share as of December 31, 2019.  On this same date the stock market valued the equity of the company at $23,225,037,600 (calculated as the 12/31/2019 stock price of $837.24 per share multiplied by the weighted average number of basic shares outstanding for 2019 of 27,740,000 shares).  This is a difference of approximately $21.5 billion or $776.57 per share ($837.24 market price minus the $60.67 book value per share). How could there be such a big difference between what the accountants say is the stockholder book value and what the market Chipotle’s stock is worth.  Please discuss why this could be justified and listing specific reasons or why you believe this may be unjustified also listing specific reasons.

Discussion Question 3 – Using information from the Business Summary document – who or what do you believe to be Chipotle’s major competition in the future (this can be a firm or a type of competition) and why do you say this?


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