How To Write a Discussion Post

In today’s era of online classes, you will be lucky to find a course that does not have discussion board posts. Most of the assignments require an initial post due at 11:59 on Wednesday or Thursday. Then, the peer responses are due on Sunday 11:59.

Students who are used to in-person classes or those starting online classes for the first time might feel overwhelmed by the posts. Although the discussion posts are short, they still need some work to get them right. Below is an in-depth guide of how to write a discussion post.

Preliminary Steps of Writing A Discussion Post

1.   Gather the Course Materials

Remember that a discussion post’s aim is to simulate discussion in an in-person classroom. That being said, you must ensure that your discussion post is highly relevant to the course concepts. For this to happen, you need to understand the course materials. This is a very important step of learning how to write a discussion post. 

Read the class materials several times before starting the writing process. This will deepen your understanding and help you synthesize the materials in a coherent way. You can take notes as you read to have a guide when you will start the writing process.

2.   Look For Additional Materials

Do not just settle for what has been provided in class. If you want to have a grasp of the course concepts, you must go much deeper. Look for additional materials that are related to your class concepts.

Examples of good sources of information include Ted Talks, Journal articles and expert opinions. These sources will further cement your understanding. This way, you will not struggle when crafting the discussion post.

3.   Read Discussion Post Instructions

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of the course materials, the next step is to read the instructions. Most of the professors are specific about the length of the DB Post and the wordcount.

Also, pay close attention to the number of references and citations that are required. You want to ensure that you understand all the instructions before beginning the writing process. Otherwise, you will finish the DB Post assignment only to realize you completed it incorrectly. 

How to Write A Discussion Post in 4 Easy Steps

Have A Great Introduction
Orient the reader but don't give too much
Synthesize Content
Have a well synthesized body
Proofread and Edit
Remove grammatical and punctuation errors


Have a Well Written Introduction

Now that you have completed the preliminary steps, it is time to start the writing process. You should ensure that you have a catchy introduction. Make it interesting so that your peers will be encouraged to keep reading.

Our years of discussion post help have taught us that the introduction should be around three sentences. The writer should briefly orient the reader about the topic of discussion. Then, the focus should shift to the main purpose of the discussion post.

The Body Should Be Well Synthesized

The body of the discussion post is the core of the discussion post. If you take only one this from this how to write a discussion post guide, let it be this. You should clearly articulate your points in a way that other classmates can understand. Do not just present your findings. Rather focus on synthesizing the materials in a coherent way.

For example, instead of listing the studies you reviewed one by one, just state “studies suggest.” Then cite all the related studies and continue with your discussion. Synthesis prevents repetition and helps you meet the word-count requirements. 

Due to the short nature of discussion posts, you do not have the luxury of words. Use the conclusion section to briefly review what you have discussed. Offer any closing thoughts you might have. A conclusion of 3-5 sentences is ideal in most cases.

Follow Citation and Wordcount Guidelines

The discussion board post requirements are always very particular about the number of citations you should use and the referencing styles. If you fail to meet these guidelines, you are likely to be penalized. If you have been asked to format your initial post according to APA 7th edition guidelines, ensure to meet this requirement. Placing a write my discussion post order can assist you here in case you get stuck.

Most of the discussion board posts require a 300-400 discussion post. Check the instructions to be sure exactly how many words you should write. While you are likely to be penalized for not meeting the wordcount, this does not happen when you exceed. 

Proofread  and Edit the Discussion Post

Now that you have finished writing your discussion post, the other step is to proofread your work. Proofreading will help you remove any grammatical errors in the discussion post. For instance, you will identify and remove extra spaces between words.

Reviewing your work will also help you identify and correct punctuation errors. Remember any form of writing is an opportunity to improve your skills. Editing the document before you upload will help you become a better writer.  Practice this often so you become an expert of how to write a discussion post well. 

How to Write A Discussion Post Checklist

1.     Is the introduction, body and conclusion well written?

This question asks you to review the three sections of your post for coherence. Ensure you have used transition words as you move from one section to the other. Also, see to it that each of the three sections serves their purpose as outlined above

2.     Does Your Discussion Post Flow Well?

The comprehension of your discussion post should be world class. Ensure you have used short sentences and easy-to-read paragraphs. Most online users have a short attention span. Keep this in mind when writing the discussion post. You can leverage a discussion board homework help service in case you are in doubt. 

3.     Have You Integrated the course Materials?

The discussion post should include theories and concepts that are related to your course. Go over the discussion post to ensure you have done this. 

4.     Have You Included Relevant Examples? 

Employing relevant examples shows that you have a deep understanding of course concepts. Include real-world examples in the post. This is something we consider a lot when offering discussion board homework help. 

5.     Is Your Paper Original?

All the above questions will be useless if your discussion post is plagiarized. Always write your work from scratch. When you quote other scholars, cite them properly. You do not want to be penalized for plagiarizing your work. 


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Additional Tips to Write the Best Discussion Post

Upload Before Time
Your excellent post will mean nothing if uploaded late.
Use a Conversational Tone
Use a conversational tone that encourages your classmates to engage. You can even pose a question that might spark fresh and interesting discussions.
Be Respectful
When expressing your views, be respectful to other people’s opinions. Avoid using emotionally charged language that might ruin the spirit of engagement.
While a discussion post is still an academic document, it offers more flexibility unlike most academic assignments. Remember to engage.


In this post, we have discussed how to write a discussion post. It is always wise to understand the course concepts before starting the post. Also, familiarize yourself with the discussion post instructions.

Once you start writing, structure your introduction, body, and conclusion well. Follow the citation and wordcount guidelines. Remember to upload the post on time and be respectful when posting.

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