elements to a successful content marketing campaign.

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Please read each passage below, I need a few sentences in response to each part. Please label Part 1 passage part 1 and the same with the other one.

Part 1

There are five key elements to a successful content marketing campaign.  They include the audience, the content, the offer, the promotion and distribution, and the follow-up.  The first component is the audience, which is important because they are how you are reaching out to for business.  By knowing who your audience is will bring the rest of your marketing campaign into focus.  Next comes the content, once the target audience is defined the content begins to take shape.  Knowing who it is you are trying to speak to is important and will determine how you speak to them.  The content of your message has to resonate with your audience or else you will push them away.  The offer needs to be something of value to your target audience and something they will be unable to get somewhere else.  The promotion and the distribution should be something that gets the attention of your audience.  It needs to get them talking.  The use of social media and bloggers is an important tool to do just that.  Finally, there is the follow-up which should be used to share any offers or deals you have going at any given moment.  They should also be used to provide more information about the company and your products.

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Part 2

“Content marketing is about using content to build relationships.” (Ogden, 2014). The five components of content marketing as laid out in the article by Rampton (2016) are: The audience, the Content, the Offer, the Promotion/Distribution and follow-up. Each one is unique to the goal it intends to achieve.

The audience step involves not only simply identifying the audience you are seeking to speak to with the content marketing. This means determining not only the gender or personality of your target market but also geographically where they reside. This step helps ensure the following steps are geared towards that specific group you’re organization is trying to market towards. This step help ensure the rest of the steps in the content marketing process have synergy which is key to the organizations IMC (Ogden, 2014).

The next steps include the content, offer and promotion. The content step seeks to identify the issue within your target market and how the organizations product/service can fill that need (Rampton, 2016). This is followed up by the offer which should target the organization’s audience to provide something they can’t get anywhere else. Finally the promotion/distribution step involves getting all of the previous information to the target market. If the listed steps are followed in the guidelines laid out within the organizations IMC, these should flow very smoothly to ensure the best results from content marketing. The final step in content marketing as laid out by Rampton (2016) is follow up, meaning continuing to build the relationship with the customer that the content marketing has obtained. Whether that be with additional offers, information about the organization or something else entirely. This is where an organization can further utilize their IMC with the new customer base that content marketing has helped obtain or expand.


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