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Data Exploration Using Publicly Available Data

1.1 Answer Sheet / Data Exploration Using Publicly Available Data   NAME Your name here   What is the average travel time (commute) to work for individuals in your metro area?   What is the median household income for individuals within your state?   How does the median income in your state compare to other […]

5500 Week 2 Assign

You are required to describe and discuss three data sources at your choice regarding the following aspects: You could discuss what you use in your personal life or at work. Or you can find some sources from the Internet. 1 What is the name of the source? Please include hyperlinks if online. 2 From each […]

5500 Week 2 DQ

Please share some personal experiences using different sources/types of data. For example, when you shop for a house, a car, an insurance, or a doctor, what sources would you turn to for data and what types of data do you normally collect?

5910 Week 2 DQ

Discussion Question: Qualitatively (excluding financial data) which of the four automobile companies do you believe is in the best position for the future wealth creation.  In your answer, please explain why and cite evidence from the company and or the market.  Please do not plagiarize in your response and if you use another source, please cite […]

Scholarship Essay Help

Scholarship essay help. Introduction. However, some help writing essays for scholarship forms include essays that support scholarship organizations in learning more about the applicants and their motivations for applying. They’ll either make or break your scholarship application. As a result, how to write a scholarship essay could become a challenging and stressful experience. To consider […]

MBA 5910 Week 1 DQ

There are many things that may change the automobile industry in the future.  This week we are not interested in the position of the individual companies but are instead interested in the overall automobile industry.  Please read the attached materials about Tesla, General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen.  Pay particular attention to what they have to […]

MBA 5910 Week 1 Quiz

Week 1 Reading Quiz Start Assignment What do you believe will be the biggest technological breakthrough in automobile industry over the next 10 years? Why? In relation to the product itself, the automobile, what do you believe will be the most profitable product improvement opportunity in the next 10 years? Why? What do you believe […]

MBA 5500 Week 1 Discussion

What information systems do you use daily either personally or at work? Explain how they affect your effectiveness and efficiency. Justify your response with information from what we covered in class. The minimum expectation for “satisfactory graduate work” will be 2 substantial contributions (sharing ideas on the content, asking questions, answering questions).  Substantial does not […]

MBA 5500 Week 1 Assign

In a Word doc, use about one single-spaced page to describe and name examples of the four types of information systems classified based on their sphere of influence. You can refer to the book or other sources, but please use your own words to rephrase. Points will be deducted for the use of direct quotes. […]

Podcast Analysis

Project 2: Critical Analysis of Feminist/Women’s Rights Podcast (10 points) For this project, you will select a podcast focused on feminist work and/or women’s rights. After listening to several of the podcast episodes, you will write a summary paper.. BackTalk is a podcast featuring weekly episodes hosted by two young women, Dahlia and Amy. As […]