Article Critique Instructions

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Article Critique Instructions:

The Ethical Leadership Article Critique assignment is intended to examine recent research in ethics with an eye toward developing critical consumer of information practices while being exposed to recent ethical theory work. The submission is to be an APA paper with 4-6 pages (body only) of insight and criticism based on the thoughtful review of the article viewed through the ethical, reasoning, and worldview concepts covered in this and prior coursework.

Student should select an article on an aspect of leadership or organizational ethics from the Journal of Business Ethics that has been published within the last 5 years as the subject of their critique. An alternative, peer-reviewed article on ethics can be substituted with prior approval by the professor. Requests for exceptions should be submitted via email and include a copy of the article and a short paragraph (3-4 sentences) explaining why you would like to use the article.

The paper is intended to be an examination of the ethical dimensions discussed in the article, the research methods or reasoning used, the biases of the authors (claimed or unspoken), the key important findings, and the questions resulting. Students should apply the ethical concepts from BMAL 770, critical reasoning, and worldview perspectives to demonstrate doctoral-level evaluation of published materials

The Ethical Leadership Article Critique paper should be in APA format including cover page, abstract, the 4-6 page body, and references page. In addition to the article reviewed, no less than 2 sources in addition to the course textbooks should be referenced. All referenced material must be properly cited and listed on the references page.

Remember that every article has strengths, weaknesses, flaws, biases, and shortcomings in addition to their contributions to the field. As a leadership scholar and practitioner, being able to examine published ideas in-depth is critical for continuous growth.

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