Annotated Bibliography

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Create an Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is an alphabetized list of sources (including books, documents, videos, articles, web sites, etc.). Each annotation includes a citation, summary and evaluation.  The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to help you refine your project goal and objectives, illustrate the quality of research you have done, provide examples of the types of sources available, and help you decide if you have covered the topic thoroughly enough to inform your project goal. The annotated bibliography consists of two elements:

  1. Citation in modified APA style which includes: Author, (Date), Title, Retrieval information.
    1. (Book) Pedraza, S., & Rumbaut, R. (1996). Origins and Destinies: Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in America. New York, NY: Wadsworth.
    2. (PDF Document) Gray, V. (July 2012). One City Action Plan [PDF file]. Retrieved from
    3. (Website, no author) About OneDC (nd). Retrieved from
  2. Annotation-A paragraph summarizing the main points or ideas found in the item and evaluating each entry in terms of quality, qualifications of the author(s), purpose, and relevance. It should then conclude with a statement with your evaluation of the usefulness of the item in relation to your research topic.

The annotated bibliography that you will submit will contain:

  1. An alphabetized annotated bibliography
  2. Standard reference list/bibliography

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