Admission Essay Sample

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Admission Essay Sample

Topics of interest that you would want to pursue in the program

I strongly believe that education is not an end in itself but an opportunity to learn the skills and competencies that propel the human race forward. Since I graduated, I have had the rare opportunity to work at Wesctco, a company supplying consumables to steel industries. During this time, I have spearheaded the use of ladle boards instead of the conventional bricks. As a result, the company has seen a 20% increase in heat retention efficiency and a 10% decline in the rate of molten metal contamination. As I join Concordia University’s MASc, I hope to learn more about production energy-efficient strategies. Realizing Sustainable Development Goal 12, ensuring sustainable production and consumption patterns, calls for a profound understanding of how to improve energy efficiency. I hope the skills I gain in this program will equip me with the competencies to play a pivotal role in realizing SDG 12.

How your academic and/or professional experiences (including publications, exhibitions, awards, relevant employment etc) have prepared you to be successful in the graduate program.

I do not doubt that my academic and professional experiences have primed me to excel in the MASc in Industrial Engineering. My undergraduate degree in Metallurgical Engineering equipped me with a conceptual understanding of foundational principles and concepts. For instance, my undergraduate program exposed me to the concepts of material testing and the different types of mechanical tests. The foundational knowledge I gained in my undergraduate studies will provide me with a starting point as I embark on the graduate program. I bring diverse professional experience to the program. I have been an employee at Foseco, a founder of an eco-friendly mobile car wash, and an e-commerce business founder. I have honed my time management skills, research skills, critical thinking skills, and stress management skills during this time. These skills are valuable in handling the class assignments and excelling in the MASc in Industrial Engineering.

What makes Concordia the best place for you to pursue the graduate program

The university’s commitment to promoting sustainable development goals, its energy-efficient practices, and the high standards in responsible investment are very admirable. Like Concordia, I am deeply committed to learning and practicing sustainable knowledge in my profession. I founded Eco car wash not long ago, a mobile eco-friendly car wash that uses only 10% water compared to conventional methods. Thus, I believe there is no better place to gain sustainability knowledge than at Concordia. I am also inspired by Concordia’s invitation for its community members to push past the status quo and go the extra mile. This invitation first inspired me when I realized that my country, the Democratic Republic of Congo, had to export mineral resources to neighboring countries for processing. The inspiration moved me to pursue Metallurgical Engineering to understand how my country could build industrial transformation resources in the future. I am convinced that joining Concord will give me yet another opportunity to go beyond my current circumstances and, in extension, help the university achieve its direction for a next-generation university.

What you hope to achieve in the graduate program and how this relates to your personal and professional goals.

My professional and professional goals are my guiding compass for this academic endeavor. I hope the MASc in Industrial Engineering will provide me with a hands-on experience with machine learning, expose me to sustainability concepts, and equip me with model-building skills. These skills and competencies will help me make manufacturing processes more efficient, improve the user experience of industrial machines, and model the consequences and the benefits of an implemented policy. At the personal level, I hope the program will help me honor the dream of my inner child-the boy, who many years ago believed that his country’s mineral resources do not need to be moved to another country for processing. He believed that his home country can and should build the industrial infrastructure to process this precious resource and use the wealth to foster social and economic transformation.



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