5 Must Remember Tips When Applying Through Common App

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The Common Application is used by hundreds of universities and colleges in the college admissions process. This means that you will likely have to complete it if your application to college is this year. You can submit the Common App to multiple schools at once. Although the Common App might seem daunting, it is actually the easiest part of applying for college. The Common App asks you questions about you that you know. These include your name, address and phone number. Don’t hesitate to start filling out the Common App. Although it may seem daunting to start, creating a username/password will make the process easier.

1. Additional Information Section

Don’t forget to read the Additional Information Section when you go through the Common App. Although most Common App questions are straightforward, there is one box that can really make a difference. The Additional Information section can be found on the same page with the College Essay. It is an optional, blank text box. This optional text box is often left blank by students. However, this section allows you to tell the admissions committee anything you wish. Although it may seem impossible to believe, admissions counselors are real people who read all of your applications and want to get to to know you. This text box is a great way to tell us about yourself and what you love. If you have the opportunity to give a deeper look into yourself, do it.

2. Activities Section

You don’t have to use the entire space when you get to the Activities Section of the Common App. You can upload an activity resume to your application if you feel the text lines and drop-down menus in the Activities Section do not suit you. This section can be confusing. The best way to list activities is by their title, followed by any positions you hold and then a description of your responsibilities if necessary. For example, “Student Government, Class Vice President, I organize the blood drive and bake sale at school” or “Part-time job at Ice Cream Shop, Sales Associate, I work 3 days a week after school and have recently been promoted to a manager” or “Caretaker/Babysitter, I take care of my grandmother and 2 younger siblings after school every day.”

3. University Member Page

The University Member Page is an additional page to the Common App that you have added for each university to whom you are applying. This page will contain questions each university is interested in, such as your potential major or housing plan. If the institution has them, you might also find additional writing questions here. You should answer any optional supplemental writing questions that a university may offer. Like the Additional Information Section of the application, optional questions can help you connect with the admissions team on a deeper level.

4. Complete the Application

Each page of the Common App can be submitted by clicking submit. There are many pages, tabs and sections that you need to fill out. Make sure you’ve followed the instructions and completed all pages. The Common App will show a green “Complete” designation next to each university. This will let you know that all pieces have been submitted. Once your application has been submitted, click the submit button. You will not be able edit any parts of your application after you click submit. But don’t panic! You can always contact the university to correct any errors.

5. Deadlines

Deadlines are not indicative. Each university’s application deadline is not a deadline applyby but a deadline complete your request by. Don’t wait to submit your application. To start your file at each institution, it is best to submit your request now. Each university will issue an identification number to you. You can also access the online portal account at each institution to keep track of the status of your application. Your existing file will be updated with any additional materials such as your transcript or recommendation letters.
Once your admissions file has been completed and is ready for review, it’s time to wait. This is the hard part. Remember that admissions committees want to see reasons to admit you and not to reject you. So that we can determine if you are the right fit for our university, make sure you include all of your proud moments in your application. We are eager to see your application.

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